Quick start

【Major features】

■ Label photo recognition function

Automatically retrieve the wine name from the image and automatically enter the country of production and production area.


■ Search input function

We search from the database of about 10,000 wines and automatically input the country of production, production area, producer etc. You can search while looking at label photos, so it's very smooth!


■ Graph display function

Graphs show the type of wine, graph by country of origin, number of wines per month and its breakdown. You can tell at a glance the trend of the wine you have drunk.


■ Wine List / Label Collection

You can sort and display wine type and country of origin. We will display the collection so far easy to see.


■ SNS sharing function

You can share wines with Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messaging app etc. (PDF sharing is also possible)


■ PDF creation function

You can create a PDF file of all wine lists, wine types, and list by country of origin. You can save PDF files with Dropbox or other applications.


■ Location function

Automatically enter the address you drank wine, you can display the map. (You can turn off this feature if you do not need it.)


■ Web search function

Web search can be done by pressing search button such as wine name, production area, producer etc.



iOS 8.0 or later, iPhone 6 or later


(Although you can use it on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, there is a possibility that some screen composition may be misplaced. Please purchase a paid version after trial with Lite version.)



In the Lite version, the number of stored wines is unlimited · All functions are available, but the data retention period is 2 weeks (14 days).